Cake Smash Outfits

Cake Smash.


This definitely isn’t something that was around when I was younger. In fact, this would have resulted in a lot of telling off from my parents if I’d dared to stick my hands into ANY cake and make a mess.


I have learnt though that this is something that is now almost a given for any little boy or girl having a first birthday. Sorry Cooper, you missed out mate! Though Cooper is more likely to just eat the cake as he hates getting messy or wasting food. Yep, he takes after his Mum and Nana!!


So after a lot of suggestions and a couple of requests, I decided to make some nappy cover sets to go with our bow ties in our Etsy shop. That’s not all though. I also (quite by accident) decided on a whim to introduce bows for girls as well, so these sets are also available for the girls.

Nappy Cover and Hair Bows (2 of 15)

One issue with now offering baby items is that – well – Cooper isn’t really a baby anymore. Which meant that I had to source some babies that could model our nappy cover sets.

Nappy Cover and Hair Bows (8 of 15)

We managed to find some very willing parent volunteers and had a couple of photoshoots with these two gorgeous little cherubs. Ash was the photographer and he did a great job – he’s always been more into landscape photography because (quote) “scenery doesn’t move” so this was a bit of pressure to put on him, but he definitely pulled it off well. And our two models were amazing; they both had to endure a few clothing changes each, and both were due for nap time (because babies never sleep when you have something planned, right?) but they were both still very happy and smiley!

Nappy Cover and Hair Bows (1 of 15)

I still don’t like to think about my lovely creations being totally covered in cake … but hey, that’s what washing machines are for I suppose!

FullSizeRender 2

Boy’s Bow Ties

If there’s anything that tops a well dressed Gentleman, it’s a well dressed little boy!

I have been making bow ties for little boys for the past few months, ranging from newborn up to 6 years old. It absolutely makes my day every time I’m sent a photo of one of these little men all dressed up in their bow ties and looking so ADORABLE!

FullSizeRender 5

I first had the idea to introduce bow ties into my shop at the start of the year as I had bought a shirt and bow tie set for Cooper, but the bow tie was so flimsy and felt like it would fall apart in no time. And – I mused – boys need some cool accessories too!

I immediately began trawling the internet for tutorials, patterns and ideas on how to actually make one (do you like my confidence about planning to sell something I hadn’t made yet?!) but I wasn’t happy with any of them. I even downloaded a pattern that I thought would be great, but the finished result – which was meant to be “one size fits all” didn’t even fit around my then 15 month old’s collar!

FullSizeRender 6

So there began much research into collar sizes of shirts ranging from 000 up to size 6, and plenty of texting friends and family with strange requests of “Can you please measure your son’s shirt collar for me …” of which they all happily obliged! As a result, I could offer bow tie sizes of newborn to size 0, and size 1-6 with total confidence that they would actually fit.

FullSizeRender 4

Then came the bow part of the pattern. I decided that I needed to have a tri-fold to give it extra thickness and the authentic look of how a bow tie actually looks once tied (my husband gave me this advice!).


So there you have it, the Lime Hippo bow tie was born. I am so happy that I put in that time and effort, because I have had countless feedback on how well made and sturdy our bow ties are — which is very important in the hands of little boys!




Diaper Pouch and Burp Cloths – Oh Boy!

Yes. I’m back. And I solemnly swear to be a better blogger from now on.

Ok, so what have I been up to?

I’ve been up to A LOT (but you’ll have to stay posted for updates on that, oh what a tease I am) but my most recent project was to sew a gift for a good friend who is due to have a baby boy. In fact, as of today she is a week overdue so we are anxiously awaiting happy news and lots of baby cuddles.


I decided to make a couple of items that I had made for myself and absolutely loved. I made some burp cloths (see my posts here and here)


and also a Nappy Pouch – or a Diaper Pouch as they are more commonly known.


I made this one about a year ago for myself as I was sick of digging around in Cooper’s nappy bag to find the nappies, wipes and nappy sacks while making sure he didn’t roll/crawl away on me! I still use it and absolutely LOVE it. I’ve used it sometimes just by itself if I don’t want to lug the whole nappy bag with me.

Nappy Pouch (1 of 2)

So, for both of them, I used Noodlehead’s Diaper Pouch Tutorial and it is fantastic. It’s really easy to follow, and has lots of pictures to follow (always a plus!) and both of the pouches that I have made have worked out with no hassles at all.

The fabric I used for my pouch was Cosmonauts and Gamma Ray Navy from the Cosmic Convoy collection, purchased from The Natural Loom who are based in Wollongong, NSW.

Nappy Pouch (2 of 2)

The fabric I used for the second pouch and the burp cloths was Pine Trees in Iron and Pine Trees in Mineral from the Camelot Bonne Nuit collection, purchased from FSWithLoveFabrics who are based in Adelaide, SA.


I’ve given them to the lucky future mama already (I hate waiting to give gifts!) and she loves them. So now just to wait for the little man to decide he’s ready to meet us all …

Happy Rainy Day Cot Mobile

Following our recent house move, Ash and I have been getting very excited about making this house our own. The first room that we are going to makeover (because it both needs it, and it’s the cheapest!) is Cooper’s.

I’m pretty excited about this as kid’s rooms are so fun to play with, also Cooper is at that stage where he’s really taking in his surroundings and smiles and laughs at all sorts of things. So I started off with something pretty simple but – I think – very effective and fun:

Cot Mobile-1

A colourful cot mobile!

I’d seen a few similar ideas on Pinterest, but I really liked the idea of using pom poms. It had been years since I’d made a pom pom, so I thought I’d make it easier on myself and bought a kit from Nayana Iliffe’s Etsy shop. I used Liberty’s free cloud template which I scaled down to suit the size that I wanted, and used Gamma Ray Gray fabric, part of the Cosmic Convoy by Cloud 9 collection from The Natural Loom. I actually bought more from this collection for another project that I have almost finished, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

I love how it’s turned out, and Cooper loves it! The pom poms move by themselves when they’re hanging, even without a breeze or movement, so that’s pretty perfect. I’m kind of hoping he’ll be so focused on his colourful mobile above his cot that I’ll have less of these moments …

Cot Mobile-2

3 months of busy happiness


Let me introduce you to our little man. Cooper Charles Borg, born on 18th November 2014.


He has certainly been keeping us busy, but we are really enjoying watching him grow (though he’s growing much too quickly, all the nurses say he’s going to be tall!) and it’s amazing to see how quickly and easily he learns new skills.


He also has the most infectious little smile in the whole world!


Just when we didn’t think things could get any better, we bought a house in December. So we will be moving into our very first house of our own next month, and couldn’t be more excited.



Luckily I have a cute little helper to help me pack …


I’ve already got some baby projects ready to go, so stay tuned!

Burp Cloths and Bibs

Burp Cloths and Bibs-3

It was a bit exciting to be able to make my very own Burp Cloths. For anyone that’s been following me for a little while, you’ll know that I’ve made a few for other people as gifts, so now it was my turn! I used Dana’s tutorial and they’re so easy to make; though, I had some issues with the two minky fabric ones as they were a complete nightmare to sew. I actually planned on making four more of them and gave up. I found that the minky fabric was really, really stretchy and soft so sewing it together with the chenille backing just didn’t work out well, which is a pity as it is so lovely and soft.

Burp Cloths and Bibs-2

I also decided, on a whim, to make some Bibs. It wasn’t really something I’d planned on making (let’s face it, there’s so many cheap and cute bibs in the shops) but I had some spare chenille leftover from the burp cloths so I decided to try out Rachael Myers’ tutorial that I’d seen on Pinterest. The tutorial was brilliant and easy to follow, and it didn’t take me long to sew them up.

Burp Cloths and Bibs-5

I used the same flannelette material that I’d used for some of the burp cloths as I also had some of that left over, and I loved how soft it felt together with the chenille backing material. Plus it’s a bit cute that I have a set of burp cloths and bibs that go together!

Burp Cloths and Bibs-4

Cuddly Bunny {Hop A Long Bunny Pattern by The Sewing Loft}

Cuddly Bunny-5

Finally, I have made my very first item for this little baby that will be making an appearance within the next few weeks!

I saw this Hop A Long Bunny pattern a little while ago, before I was pregnant, and thought it was cute but didn’t think too much further than that as I’ve never ventured into making soft toys or anything related to that. I came across it again recently, and took a closer look at it and thought “I think I could manage that …”, and it was something that I could mostly make from materials I had at home (which is a bonus if you’re not sure how a project’s going to turn out!).

Cuddly Bunny-2

Well, it was so easy to make! So easy, that I can see me making more variations of this in the future, and I’ve even been looking up other toy/softie related projects that I can make. The only material that I actually had to buy was the white fleece – though in the pattern it suggests recycling an old baby blanket, which I think would be a great idea if this wasn’t your first baby. Of course, when selecting the fleecy material, I had to do the cuddle test and made sure to get the softest, most cuddly fleece I could find, so it truly is a very “cuddly bunny”.

Cuddly Bunny-3

I also love the fact that this is very baby-friendly – no removable eyes or other parts that could become a choking hazard, and I have a feeling that those long ears are going to be sucked on a lot. After I’d finished it, I realised it would have been a great idea to insert some crinkly material into the ears as a sensory object for the baby to play with. Perhaps next time.

I’ve already recommended this pattern to my sister who’s having a baby also, as it’s just so adorable and cute – and so easy to make it your own with different fabrics.

Cuddly Bunny-6